WannaGo: Save Your Places


How do you remember a new or favorite place? Screenshot, Evernote, Notepad, email yourself…

Well, WannaGo has created a fun and easy to use app that fixes this cluttered approach to saving places.


Have you ever asked your friends…

Who recommended that place?
What was the name of that place we went to last month?

It’s off that weird side street in town, right?

We should text her !


Enter WannaGo to the rescue!

The app that easily helps you organize, share and discover your favorite places to eat, stay, shop, travel and more!



Add places you already love or want to try visiting to your custom “My GoLists” within your profile – examples: “Best Sushi” // “LA Nightlife” // “Favorite Hotels” // “Hiking Trails” // “Try It”



Once you create custom lists you can share them with your friends inside WannaGo as well as Facebook, Twitter, email and text.



WannaGo offers several ways to discover new places from your own personalized network of friends, favorite cities/locations and trusted industry tastemakers.



WannaGo has all the helpful details - hours of operation, map/directions, website, menu, reservations, photos and notes from users.


With WannaGo, there is no need to look anywhere else to organize, share and discover your favorite places. So download it today and start living well.