We allow you to simply track your favorite places. You also can build a wish list of places you WannaGo through your self curated community and by following tastemakers that share insights on the best places on earth. 

With everything at your fingertips - directions, reservations, phone numbers, website, etc. WannaGo makes it easy to organize your go-to hangouts or places you dream of visiting in one central location.


Discover new places around the world from trusted friends and industry aficionados.  

Whether it’s a local hidden gem or an exclusive resort halfway around the world, WannaGo helps you find the perfect place!

Currently, WannaGo's GoLists highlight several major cities. From hiking trails in Los Angeles to the best places to eat in Austin, Texas, WannaGo allows you to prepare for your next adventure and get the most out of any experience in your hometown or on the road. 




WannaGo's GoLists allow you to save the places you love or want to try.

First, click on the "Add Places" button from the home screen. Then, search for a place you would like to save. 

Once you have found the place, add it to a GoList. You choose the name of your list. The last screen will ask you if you already "Love It" or want to "Try It".

Now you are on your way to being organized with all your favorite places in one stop! 



WannaGo makes it easy to share your favorite places with friends, family, co-workers and more.

Do you want to try a new place with a friend after work? With WannaGo, you can share it via text, email or Facebook!

Maybe friends are coming to visit, but you are out of town? Send them your GoLists with all your favorite local spots via an HTML email or better yet, have them download WannaGo to follow your account and subscribe to your GoLists.

Subscribing is a great way to follow the GoLists of uniquely curated places created by WannaGo's official Tastemakers.