SHRIMP DADDY at Smorgasburg LA with June Quan of Stir & Style

Every Sunday LA brings its foodies a gift from above: a market for food, drinks, and shopping called Smorgasburg LA. Located at ROW DTLA, Smorgasburg spans over five acres with exciting food vendors, unique pop up shops, vintage stands, cultural events, and other “surprise experiences”. 

Now open at Smorgasburg LA is the SHRIMP DADDY vendor stand opened by the one and only June Quan of Stir & Style. June is one of WannaGo’s original LA Tastemakers and is giving WannaGo members the inside scoop on SHRIMP DADDY and Smorgasburg LA here in her vlog. Check it out!

Who wouldn’t WannaGo to NYC during the holidays?

New York City is a pretty magical place to begin with, but even more so during the holiday season. People from all over the world come to see the city adorned with festive decorations and the store windows full of beautiful Christmas themed arrangements. The overall demeanor of the city changes a bit during this time as people pause to appreciate the bright lights and slow their pace to accommodate all different types of holiday traditions.

On a cold morning in December you’ll find me hanging my hat and scarf at Ludlow Coffee Supply on the Lower East Side. They make a delicious bourbon vanilla latte that will warm you right up on the chilliest of days. This is the perfect place to spend a morning chatting, catching up with friends and discussing plans for the holidays. I’ve added this particular cafe to my “Coffee Spots” list, which you can check out on the WannaGo app.

Ludlow Coffee Supply Final.jpg

After coffee it’s time to do a little shopping. I really enjoy checking out the Union Square holiday Market, which features unique gifts crafted by local artists. They also have live music and a craft studio for kids. This is somewhere my friends and I like to shop when we can’t quite figure out what to buy someone as a gift. The eclectic selection means there is something for everyone! (Plus, they also have great food and drinks).

Union Square Holiday Market Final.jpg

I’m not sure it’s appropriate to visit NYC in the winter without going ice skating. I love heading over to Bryant Park for this reason, and if you’re not a fan of going ice skating you can sit inside and watch from Public Fare. Aside from being a gorgeous space it also provides refuge from the cold, which is important on some of NYC’s more frigid days.

The Bryant Park ice skating rink is a great place to make memories with family members during the day or even to bring a date at night. Seeing people glide around together, falling, helping each other up, laughing and smiling is what this season is all about and it’s all a part of the holiday magic in NYC.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always in need of a delicious, hot beverage post ice skating. One of my favorite things to do is sit inside a cafe, sip on something yummy, and people watch. The matcha hot chocolate and mocha from Chalait (also on my WannaGo list) are some of my go to drinks this winter. Sometimes they look too pretty to drink!

I’ve typically worked up an appetite by this time, and Oficina 1M is a great spot for brunch. Located in the middle of adorable SoHo, its cozy atmosphere serves as the perfect haven from the cold. The food and service are out of this world and they seem to always have something new up their sleeves for guests to try. This spot is a favorite when my friends and I are in the mood for some good comfort food. You can check Oficina out on my “Best Brunches” WannaGo list, but below is a sneak peek.

The wonderful thing about NYC, whether you’re visiting or you live there, is that new places are constantly popping up all over the city. At times it can be difficult to keep up! I often use my WannaGo app to remember specific spots I’d like to try and those I’d recommend to others. After all, the holiday season can be chaotic in an already busy, bustling city, so any small tool can be incredibly useful!

Wishing you all a warm, happy holiday season!

By Melissa Male of

WannaGo's NYFW SS17 Guide: Told By Tastemaker Summer


Hi everyone! My name is Summer and I’m the founder of the blog SUMMER ALBARCHA. Today, I’m talking about my FAVE places to go to in NYC.

I recently just got back from attending NYFW SS17, where editors, buyers, bloggers and more have the opportunity to the view the upcoming collections of brands for the Spring/Summer season of 2017. The first time I went to NYC, I remember feeling alone and overwhelmed by the big city. Now, heading to my fourth visit to NYC this year (next week for the Beautycon Festival!), I feel so much more connected, overjoyed and prepared to take on the the bustling atmosphere of the big apple. Let’s get started!

First off, I’ll begin with sharing my favorite shows this year at NYFW SS17. Alice + Olivia SS17: This presentation was particularly fascinating.The space was transformed into a beautiful garden, with the models laying around in their spring outfits between bird cages, green corners and floral swings. I wanted it to be spring already! 2. Aniessa Hassibuan SS!7: This was the first ever modest fashion runway at NFYW. It was such a heart warming experience to see the designer in tears after her handwork paid off and the crowd cheered her on! 3. TOME NYC: I LOVED the styles for spring. From flowing sleeves to mix print dresses, trends are looking very busy and feminine next season! It was definitely a very “wearable” collection!

Next, here are some of my favorite places to eat in NYC. 1. NOMO kitchen- This restaurant belongs to the NOMO SOHO hotel. It’s just perfectly aesthetic with string lights, vines and garden-like features. I visited here last FW with my blogger friends and ended up spending a few hours in this beautiful atmosphere. 2. Eately- I know it is available in other cities, but my sister and I just love stopping by Eately for a delicious margarita pizza and latte! They have almost ANYTHING you could possibly want to eat within all their food sections. It’s just a convenient place to grab something to eat when walking on Avenue of the Americas. 3. Manousheh- This is a small cafe for take home Mediterranean flat breads. We ordered take out to our hotel one of the nights post- fashion week shows and it was absolutely DELICIOUS. I love how minimal the menu is, which really allows you to try almost everything. Definitely order their “zaatar” flat bread!

After dinner, my friends and I tried a new dessert spot almost every night. We were definitely hungry throughout the day, so eating at night was super enjoyable. 1. Spot Dessert Bar- From a plant shaped chocolate cake to a pokemon cheesecake plate, their desserts are pretty amazing and unique. 2. Black tap NYC- CRAZY milkshakes! 3. Serendipity- They have THE best chocolate and strawberries dessert ever. The location is also super peculiar with antiques everywhere (almost a Mad-Hatter theme). Besides eating and attending shows, here are my fave places to stay in NYC! 1. The Surrey Hotel- I stayed here last FW, and it was my favorite experience yet. The environment is super quiet and perfect for going back to relax after a long day. 2. The Peninsula NYC- This FW, I spent a day experiencing their spa, lounge and Rolls Royce Phantom during the day. It was definitely a go-to for a luxury stay! 3. Hotel 48 Lex- I stayed here this FW and it was amazing. As a small luxury boutique with minimal vibes, it had a delicious breakfast served every morning and a cute lounge area for catching up on work. It’s a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while not being too far away.

Lastly, between all the shows and dining, it’s fun to just relax and walk around the city. I love shopping (and window shopping) on 5th Avenue, grabbing ice cream from an ice cream truck & spending time in Bryant Park, and exploring new outdoor festivals/bazars popping up in the city! I can’t wait to visit again next week and continue crossing off my top go-to places in the Big Apple. Til next time NYC!

Tone It Up Retreat - Miami

We had a great time being an official partner of the Tone It Up Retreat Miami 2016. It was inspiring to see a group of such strong and dedicated women.

Welcome day came and went fast as we mingled with members during registration, browsed the TIU pop up shop, and explored the gorgeous Ritz Carlton property on Key Biscayne.

Our first night was the Welcome Soiree at the Dune Bar on the Ritz property. Situated right on the beach, we danced, laughed, and drank (maybe a little too much) rose as the sun went down.


Day 2 was off to an early start with the Rose 5k! It was a hot and humid morning, but that didn't stop all the determined TIU ladies from having a blast as they crossed the finish line and received medals from Karena and Katrina.

The 5k was follow up by a delicious brunch, complete with protein pancakes and rose (as promised).

The fitness fun continued through the day with breakout sessions of kickboxing, cardio salsa, tennis, stand up paddle boarding, and kayaking.  

The majority of the day may have been focused on fitness, but there was no shortage of fun as the TIU girls partied it up at the pool with champagne showers (literally)!! We may have partied a little too hard, as the Ritz staff had to graciously ask us to leave the pool area.

Although the day was jam packed full of physical activity, nothing could dull the energy from the crowd as boarded the yacht for our second night in Miami! Cocktail hour on the roof of the yacht was the perfect way to kick off the night, followed by an amazing dining experience below deck in the lavish yacht dining room.

After dinner and dessert were finished, it was time to dance the night away under the stars and above the sea.


Day 3 was kicked off with an early Booty Call on the lawn at the Ritz with a beautiful set up by the Tone It Up team. After Booty Call, the day continued with break out sessions and chill time on the white sandy beach.

As the day came to a close and the night was about to begin, we all witnessed our first Miami thunderstorm in full effect. Intense rains and thunder gave us all a break from the sun as we prepared for our final night.

The Farewell Dinner was a sight to be seen. The sun came out again, just in time to give us a gorgeous sunset, and everyone was dressed in their best. Following the banquet was a surprise performance by Kelley James!


Overall, it was a great weekend in Miami and WannaGo is honored to have been a part of it. For all you Tone It Up girls, don’t forget to follow Karena and Katrina on WannaGo to see their favorite places to stay with up with their Tone It Up lifestyle.